This function creates a portal account for someone who is already a member of Special Olympics by matching the information you put in below to our system.

To find you in the system, the information you enter must match what is in the database for all fields. Example - If you put in your nickname, but your legal name is in the database you won't be found, even though the other information matches.

If you are not found, and think you should have been, please contact your Provincial/Territorial Chapter office for help.

I'm a new member - What information do I need to fill in the registration pages?

All Applicants

Primary Language Preference;
Mailing Address including Postal Code;
Emergency Contacts - Chapters require 1 or 2 Emergency Contacts, including a primary phone number for each;
Medical Information - Do you have Down Syndrome, Allergies, Seizures.  For Do you take Medications? and Do you have Dietary Restrictions?, if you answer yes, the details field for each is required.

Volunteer Applicants

2 Personal References from people not related to you; these can be provided later, but your application won't be processed without them;
Recommended - If you have a current Criminal Record Check already scanned, please upload it.  It is required, but can be provided later

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Important Information

Parents/Guardians and Group Home Coordinators

Please select "For someone else" then "Parent/Guardian" or "Group Home Coordinator". On the next page, put in YOUR information, not the Athlete's, to register yourself, after which you'll be able to register your child/ward/group home resident.

Registering Yourself?

You must be 18 years of age or older to register yourself. If you are younger than 18, your Parent or Guardian must register you as an Athlete/Unified Partner. 

To register as a Junior Volunteer (under 18), you must have your own email address.  If you do, you may register yourself, with your Parent/Guardian present, and print the Waivers for them to sign and send to your Provincial/Territorial office.

Your Information Parent/Guardian/Group Home Employee

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Need help? watch this 1 minute video recorded by an athlete.